Next game 14 - February - 2019

Be there Thursday’s at 5:45pm! Location at College Rifles!

Please be 15-30min early as games start at 6!



Mixed Ability Rugby works by having experienced players on the team who act as ‘facilitators’ for disabled players and those that are new to the game. They assist, help and guide the individual players on the team to fulfill their role within the game. It is not just the disabled players who benefit from being included in a mainstream sport. There is a genuine spirit and camaraderie both before and after the game between all of the players.

Group picture touch.jpg


If you would love to play rugby no matter your skill level or experience contact us below! Mixed Ability Rugby recognises the right of everyone to participate in community rugby without being separated, classified or labelled.



Mixed Ability Rugby actively promotes inclusion and equality through a sense of belonging and membership to a team and club. Rugby has the power to transform lives, making us healthier and happier. To reach as many people as possible we need funds for flyers, transport and materials. If you can help in any way either with money or goods please get in touch as everything is greatly appreciated!