MA Rugby has set up the first Mixed Ability Rugby Union Team in New Zealand! The team is based in Auckland and training is at College Rifles Rugby Club on 33 Haast St, Remuera, Auckland 1050. For exact times and dates please contact us!

The Mixed Ability model encourages social inclusion by mixing “able-bodied” volunteers, coaches or tutors who act as facilitators or helpers to guide players on the pitch. The model differs from the Paralympic structure, as it starts from the assumption that anyone, at some point in life, can experience a form of disability.

Mixed Ability Sport is not about classifying levels of ability and separating disabled players into different tiers. We believe this focuses on what people cannot do, the emphasis in Mixed Ability sport is the inclusion of all players! Facilitation, support and involvement are encouraged by all, on and off the field.


Wynand Sijben

Co-founder Mixed Ability Rugby New Zealand

Business communication and Digital media specialist. Started playing rugby in 2013 in the Netherlands and likes the physical aspect and comradery of the game. Wants to give everybody the opportunity to enjoy the activity that they like.


Carlijn Dieleman

Co-founder Mixed Ability Rugby New Zealand

Social Worker who is passionate about giving every person equal opportunities. Years of experience working in the social work sector with people with and without disabilities in the Netherlands, South Africa and New Zealand. Started playing rugby in 2014 in the Netherlands and fell in love with the game and the sportsmanship.


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